Missions We Support

There are many good mission efforts with a need for funds. Our goal is to oversee the use of funds and focus our efforts in an effective manner. Experience has shown that teaching Jesus with humanitarian relief and community outreach is more effective than preaching alone. In addition to several state-side missions, we have concentrated our foreign mission efforts in selected areas of Western and Southern Africa. In foreign countries we believe that support of native or indigenous workers is much more cost effective than sending Americans to live there. Obtaining trusted observation of these works is a key component of our oversight.

Boles Home ,in Quinlan, Texas, has a Residential Care program for children who need a home. To help single mothers become self-sufficient, they have a Mother-Child program. Their Emergency Shelter program is for children in urgent need of immediate shelter. They also have an Adventure Learning program which is used by groups of young people from all over north Texas. www.armsofhope.org

This ministry drills wells to provide safe drinking water to people who are frequently sick and even die from drinking pond water. As the wells are drilled, the gospel is preached. There have been thousands of converts, many of them Muslim. The drilling team also repairs and helps maintain wells that are aging. This gives them a second opportunity to teach about the God who sends Living Water. www.gwam.org

Because of the critical shortage of medical care in 3rd world countries, we find it opens many doors to make it available. We provide funds to International Health Care Foundation to help with the scholarship program for the medical training of Nigerian Christians as nurses, doctors and healthcare workers. They are contracted to
TRUTH FOR TODAY Through this ministry we send Bible study material to native preachers and teachers all over the world. These lessons go out each month at no cost to the recipient. They are currently printed in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and other languages. www.biblecourses.com

This is our newest ministry. We made our first contribution to this work in 2013. This large group of mostly volunteers sends aid to disasters in the United States. They are ready at all times to send trailer trucks loaded with needed supplies following tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, explosions, and any other disaster you can imagine. This aid is distributed by the local church in the disaster area. http disasterreliefeffort.org


To help with training Nigerian brethren to teach and lead churches in Nigeria, we support two schools of preaching. These works go back to the 1980’s.


This school is in the northern Muslim controlled part of Nigeria. It faces many dangers from Muslim-Tribal conflict Many doors are open to the school because of WBS lessons. The school's main purpose is to teach native Nigerians the word of God. The school had 24 graduates this year. Most are preaching the gospel to the people of Nigeria and surrounding countries, including Uganda, Ghana and Chad. www.savannahchurchofchrist.com/school-of-biblical-studies


This school was started in 1954 as a result of a plea by Nigerians for a deeper understanding of the Bible. One of the Westside sponsored students here was Friday Adima. He is now one of our WBS follow up men. The school encourages its graduates to learn a trade as well as the gospel so that they do not have to depend on foreign support.


Our work in Zambia is divided into two parts:


We have been involved in this work for about 20 years. The work at Namwianga Mission involves several schools and a college. Bible is part of all curriculums. Our funds help pay the salary of Rajiv Siamweela who coordinates the student scholarship program along with his teaching responsibilities. Many of the college students sign contracts to accept teaching jobs in areas without churches. Thus they become “tent making” evangelists. The Mission also operates a large rural health clinic and four orphanages. We send medical supplies and other donated items to the mission every year.


In 1999 we sent money to buy medicine for the medical mission. Since 2000 we have helped with the expenses of several members who have gone personally to work on the medical mission. The gospel is preached to the thousands who come for treatment. All contacts are followed up by the Zambians during the months following the clinics, resulting in more conversions. In July, 2014, there were 15,755 patients and 105 baptisms during the mission. Nadara Sperry will be going on the 2015 ZMM. http://zambiamission.org/


In Toms River, New Jersey, Pablo teaches English as a second language to foreigners living in the United States. He also teaches Spanish to emergency workers and court personnel. He is the minister to Toms River congregation.
To encourage the next generation’s interest in missions, we help with summer mission trips. As funds allow we give up to $600 toward a summer mission trip to students who are members of or closely connected to Westside. If we get lots of requests, the amount may be smaller.


The mission funds supply WBS lessons and the cost of mailing them to Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. At any given time we have hundreds of active students. WBS lessons are the source of many of the converts which come from our WBS follow-up workers in Nigeria. This work has been ongoing since 1989. www.worldbibleschool.net


We provide only working funds for the men listed below who do follow-up on WBS students.
Etim Nyong of Uyo, Nigeria, was the first director of The Jos School of Biblical Studies. Cherry Lloyd met him there in 1989. Then he taught at Nigerian Christian Institute. He retired from there to teach at Nigerian Christian Bible College without pay to help it recover from tribal problems. He is active in using WBS lessons in campaigns.
Sunday Okoh of Okpo, Nigeria, attended the WBS campaign in Akure in 1989 where he met Cherry Lloyd teaching students. He attended the Jos School and then began preaching in Benue State. He started a strong WBS outreach which is ongoing . He is now attending college to be able to teach religion in the public schools. program. WBS is used for outreach programs.
Friday Adima of Aba, Nigeria, was sponsored by Westside at African Christian Schools in the early 90’s. After graduation he became a WBS follow-up man for Westside and supported himself through his electrical business. He travels to churches, prisons, and schools to present the New Life Behavior Institute material and offers WBS lessons at the same time. He has a strong prison ministry and is also helping a nearby orphanage.

Prince Canice Ugbe of Cross River State, Nigeria, did WBS follow-up work for Westside for a number of years before we started sending him working funds over 12 years ago. He graduated from Nigerian Christian Bible College. As a preacher in Obudu he saw the need for trained preachers and founded the Darrell Memorial Bible Institute. Sunset International Bible Institute provides the college courses and degrees for this program. WBS is used for outreach programs.

Mathias Udo Udoh of Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria, is a very effective self-taught preacher and evangelist. He has established many congregations in Ikot Ekpene, Obot Akara, and Essien Udim Local Government Area. He has been a WBS follow-up worker for more than 20 years. He is chairman of the evangelism committee at Oruk Uso church in Ikot. He devotes as much time as possible to reaching the lost.
In Nigeria, Fuel is expensive when available. The roads are in poor condition which makes vehicle repair a constant trial. This follow-up work was begun after 1990. There have been numerous baptisms over the years and thousands of seeds planted in hearts as the men preach and teach with the WBS lessons
In addition to the Nigerian workers we also provide part of the support for Doug Wheeler who distributes the funds for a large number of follow-up workers. He also travels to Nigeria twice a year to look at the work being done and to make sure that all working funds are used for legitimate purposes.