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 Our food pantry has been an ongoing ministry for more than 20 years. Each month we pack boxes with 25 pounds of food. On the 3rd Saturday of each month, we distribute the boxes to the needy who come for help between 9:00 and 10:30 AM. Volunteers are welcome.

Arms of Hope

Boles Home and Medina Children's Home

Ghana Wells

Providing safe drinking water and teaching the gospel

International Health Care Foundation

Medical training of Nigerian Christians as nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers

Truth for Today 

Sending bible study material to native preachers and teachers

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief

Sends aid to disasters in the United States to be distributed by the local church in the disaster area

World Bible School Material

Supply WBS lessons to Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Makawi, and South Africa.

World Bible School Follow up

Working funds for men who do follow-ups on WBS students.

Nigeria-Schools of Preaching

Training Nigerian brethren to teach and lead churches. We support two schools: Jos School of Biblical Studies and African Christian Schools.  

Namwianga Mission

includes several schools, a college, salary for coordinators/teachers, health center, and four orphanages

Medical Mission - Zambia 

medicine and medical supplies for medical mission

Student Missions

funds for summer mission trips - this money goes towards students that are members of or closely connected to Westside 

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